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Why you should join SDMN

As the go-to authority on the professional management of state-level debt, the State Debt Management Network (SDMN) leads, educates, and advocates efficient and responsible state debt management—essential to meeting states’ financing needs.

A network of the National Association of State Treasurers (NAST), SDMN brings together public officials from all branches of state government, from all levels of experience, to share information, ideas, and best practices on the issuance, management, and oversight of public debt.

By joining the State Debt Management Network (SDMN), you’ll be connected with the preeminent professional organization for the issuers and managers of state debt.

Through our annual conferences, webinars, conference calls, and other online resources, the SDMN provides a forum for the meaningful exchange of ideas and information to states in the areas of capital planning, debt issuance, and debt management.

Together, members work to improve the issuance and management of state debt, and to enhance best practices through thorough collaboration, education, and the exchanging of ideas and innovations.

Membership benefits

  • Advocacy and awareness
  • Gain access to proprietary policy news from NAST’s Washington-based advocacy firm Williams & Jensen
  • Receive tools to advocate on key policy issues (e.g. restoration of advanced refundings and protection of tax exempt municipal bonds)
  • Communications
  • Receive access to list serves and forums to share best practices and ask for input with your colleagues in all NAST Committees and Networks
  • Gain exclusive access to premium content and Treasury profiles, such as maps of state RFP's, careers in the Treasury, and other important materials
  • Professional learning opportunities
  • Unlock members-only access to webinars, conference calls, and premium online resources
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  • Discounted registration rates for all NAST conferences

As a member of SDMN, you’ll also enjoy preferred registration rates for all of NAST’s conferences and symposiums throughout the year, including:

  • Legislative Conference
  • Treasury Management Training Symposium
  • Annual Conference