A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers

Welcome New 2021 Executive Board Members

In December, Treasurer Zach Conine of the State of Nevada was confirmed as the Chair of the 2021 State Debt Management Network (SDMN) for 2021. Today the Executive Board also confirmed Treasurer Rachael Eubanks of the State of Michigan as the network’s new Vice Chair. Treasurers Conine and Eubanks also welcomed several new faces to the board for 2021.

Christian Lund, Director of Debt Management for the State of Maryland, joined the Board for his first three-year term; and Deputy Treasurer Jason Richter of the State of Washington rejoined the board for a new three-year term. Mark Pasacarella rejoined the Board for a two-year term. Treasurer Colleen Davis of the State of Delaware was confirmed to fill Treasurer Eubanks’ remaining one-year Board term. And, Neil Flanagan, Managing Director and Joint-Head of Municipal Banking at Jefferies, serves as the corporate affiliate representative to the Board.

We congratulate all of today’s new and returning faces. The members of the Board look forward to building upon the progress already made by the Network in 2021.